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Grain / gallon(US) is a unit to measure Density and Fluid Concentration

    1  Grain / gallon(US) = 1.71181 x 10-5 Kilogram / liter
    1  Grain per gallon (US) = 0.0171 Gram per liter
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Different units to measure Density and Fluid Concentration are:
Grain / gallon(UK)Grain / gallon(US)
Grain per cubic footGrain per cubic Inch
Grain per cubic mileGrain per cubic yard
Grain per gallon (UK)Grain per gallon (US dry)
Grain per gallon (US)Grain per ounce (UK)
Grain per ounce (US)Grain per quart (UK)
Grain per quart (US dry)Grain per quart (US)
Gram / literGram per cubic centimeter
Gram per cubic kilometerGram per cubic meter
Gram per cubic millimeterGram per kiloliter
Gram per literGram per microliter
Gram per milliliterHectogram per cubic centimeter
Hectogram per cubic kilometerHectogram per cubic meter
Hectogram per cubic micrometerHectogram per cubic millimeter
Hectogram per hectoliterHectogram per kiloliter
Hectogram per literHectogram per microliter
Hectogram per milliliterHundredweight per cubic foot (UK)
Hundredweight per cubic foot (US)Hundredweight per cubic Inch (UK)
Hundredweight per cubic Inch (US)Hundredweight per cubic mile (UK)
Hundredweight per cubic mile (US)Hundredweight per cubic yard (UK)
Hundredweight per cubic yard (US)Hundredweight per gallon (UK)
Hundredweight per gallon (US dry)Hundredweight per gallon (US)
Hundredweight per ounce (UK)Hundredweight per ounce (US)
Hundredweight per quart (UK)Hundredweight per quart (US dry)
Hundredweight per quart (US)Kilogram / liter
Kilogram per cubic centimeterKilogram per cubic kilometer
Kilogram per cubic meterKilogram per cubic micrometer
Kilogram per cubic millimeterKilogram per kiloliter
Kilogram per literKilogram per microliter
Kilogram per milliliterKiloton per cubic foot (UK)
Kiloton per cubic foot (US)Kiloton per cubic Inch (UK)
Kiloton per cubic Inch (US)Kiloton per cubic mile (UK)
Kiloton per cubic mile (US)Kiloton per cubic yard (UK)
Kiloton per cubic yard (US)Kiloton per gallon (UK)
Kiloton per gallon (US dry)Kiloton per gallon (US)
Kiloton per ounce (UK)Kiloton per ounce (US)
Kiloton per quart (UK)Kiloton per quart (US dry)
Kiloton per quart (US)Kilotonne per cubic kilometer
Kilotonne per cubic meterKilotonne per kiloliter
Kilotonne per literMicrogram per cubic centimeter
Microgram per cubic kilometerMicrogram per cubic meter
Microgram per cubic micrometerMicrogram per cubic millimeter
Microgram per cubic nanometerMicrogram per kiloliter
Microgram per literMicrogram per microliter
Microgram per milliliterMilligram / liter
Milligram per cubic centimeterMilligram per cubic kilometer
Milligram per cubic meterMilligram per cubic millimeter
Milligram per kiloliterMilligram per liter
Milligram per microliterMilligram per milliliter
Nanogram per cubic centimeterNanogram per cubic kilometer
Nanogram per cubic meterNanogram per cubic millimeter
Nanogram per kiloliterNanogram per liter
Nanogram per microliterNanogram per milliliter
Ounce per cubic footOunce per cubic Inch
Ounce per cubic mileOunce per cubic yard
Ounce per gallon (UK)Ounce per gallon (US dry)
Ounce per gallon (US)Ounce per ounce (UK)
Ounce per ounce (US)Ounce per quart (UK)
Ounce per quart (US dry)Ounce per quart (US)
Part per million (ppm)Pound / foot³
Pound / gallon(UK)Pound / gallon(US)
Pound / million gallon(UK)Pound / million gallon(US)
Pound per cubic footPound per cubic Inch
Pound per cubic milePound per cubic yard
Pound per gallon (UK)Pound per gallon (US dry)
Pound per gallon (US)Pound per ounce (UK)
Pound per ounce (US)Pound per quart (UK)
Pound per quart (US dry)Pound per quart (US)
Tonne per cubic kilometerTonne per cubic meter
Tonne per kiloliterTonne per liter
Water (0°C)Water (20°C)
Water (4°C) 
Similar sounding units:
Grain per cubic footGrain per cubic Inch
Grain per cubic mileGrain per cubic yard
Grain per gallon (UK)Grain per gallon (US dry)
Grain per gallon (US)Grain per ounce (UK)
Grain per ounce (US)Grain per quart (UK)
Grain per quart (US dry)Grain per quart (US)

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