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Length Conversion
Common length conversions, All length conversions, Distance between Cities (or Town), Distance between Planet, Distance between major Airports around the world

Weight Conversion
Common weight conversions, All weight conversions, Density of different material, Molecular weight of different material (Molar weight), Atomic weight of different elements Atomic number of different elements, Gravity of different planets, Weight on different planets

Temperature Conversion
Temperature conversions, Freezing point of different substance, Melting point of different substance, Boiling point of different substance, Thermal expansion coefficient, Energy Mass Conversion, Energy Density Conversion, Thermal Expansion Conversion, Thermal Resistance Conversion, Thermal Conductivity Conversion, Heat Capacity Conversion, Heat Density Conversion, Heat Flux Density Conversion, Heat Transfer Coefficient Conversion

DateĀ andĀ Time Conversion
Date conversions, Time conversions, World time, Zone time, Local time, Sunrise / Sunset Calculator, Moonrise / Moonset Calculator, Planet Rise and Setting time Calculator, Calendar Creator, Holiday List, World days, Event list, Zodiac Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Compatibility by zodiac, Birthday compatibility, Find your Birthstone, World Weather Date and Time manipulation tools

Volume Conversion
Volume conversion, Specific Volume Conversion, Find volume of objects, Volume to weight of common cooking ingredient

Area & Geometry Conversion
Area conversion, Find Area of objects, Find Surface Area of objects, Angle converter, Trigonometry calculator, Logarithm calculator

Speed Conversion
Speed conversion, Acceleration calculator, Torque conversion, Dynamic Viscosity Conversion, Kinematic Viscosity Conversion, Viscosity of Oil, Water and Glycerin, Angular Velocity Conversion, Angular Acceleration Conversion, Moment of Inertia Conversion, Speed of common Devices, Peripheral and Protocols, Speed of common Animals

Scientific Conversion
Conversion, calculators and tools for Computer & Technology, Electricity, Magnetism, Fluids, Radiation and Other scientific tools

Health Calculators
Cooking conversion, Find Calories in foods, BMI Calculator, Body Fat Calculator, Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator, Calories Calculator, Ideal Weight Calculator, Weight Management, Safe Period Calculator, Pregnancy Calculator, Ovulation Calculator, Fetal Growth Calculator Due Date Calculator, Baby growth calculator, Clothing conversion, Shoe size conversion, Blood sugar conversion

Miscellaneous conversion and calculator
Calculator and tools for Astrology, Banking & Finance, Health Calculators, Pregnancy, Birth Control, Baby Names, Chemistry, Geography, Technology, Telephone, World Clock and Other tools

Wizards, Dictionary & Reference
Unit Name Dictionary, Meaning of different units, Conversion Wizards, Calculators, Baby Names, Name Numerology, Birthstone, Surname, Country code, Area codes, ISO code, Currency and Capital of different countries

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Supported Conversion Types ...
Angular AccelerationAngular Velocity
AreaBlood Sugar
Clothing SizeComputer Storage Unit
Cooking VolumeCooking Weight
Data Transfer RateDate
DensityDynamic Viscocity
Electric CapacitanceElectric Charge
Electric ConductanceElectric Conductivity
Electric CurrentElectric Field Strength
Electric PotentialElectric Resistance
Electric ResistivityEnergy
Energy DensityEnergy Mass
Euro CurrencyFluid Concentration
Fluid Flow RateFluid Mass Flow Rate
Fuel EconomyHeat Capacity
Heat DensityHeat Flux
Heat Transfer CoefficientIllumination
Image ResolutionInductance
Kinematic ViscosityLength
Luminance (Light)Light Intensity
Linear Charge DensityLinear Current Density
Magnetic Field StrengthMagnetic Flux
Magnetic Flux DensityMagnetomotive Force
Mass Flux DensityMolar Concentration
Molar Flow RateMoment of Inertia
Radiation AbsorbedRadiation Exposure
RadioactivityShoe Size
SoundSpecific Volume
SpeedSurface Charge Density
Surface Current DensitySurface Tension
TemperatureThermal Conductivity
Thermal ExpansionThermal Resistance
VolumeVolume Charge Density
Water Oil ViscosityWeight
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AreaAstrologyBaby Names
BankingBirth ControlChemistry
Chinese AstrologyCity InfoElectricity
TemperatureTime & DateTrain Info
VolumeWeightWorld Clock
Zodiac AstrologyOther 
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