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Compound NameMolecular FormulaMolecular Weight
Aluminium BorateAlBO269.79134
Argentum FluoroborateAgBF4194.67281
Argentum TetrafluoroborateAgBF4194.67281
Bismuth(III) OrthoborateBiBO3267.7896
Caesium BorateCsBO2175.71525
Caesium MetaborateCsBO2175.71525
Copper(II) BorateCu(BO2)2149.1656
Copper(II) TetrafluoroborateCu(BF4)2237.15523
Cuprum(II) BorateCu(BO2)2149.1656
Cuprum(II) TetrafluoroborateCu(BF4)2237.15523
Kalium BorateK2B4O7.4H2O305.49752
Kalium FluoroborateKBF4125.90291
Lead(II) FluoroboratePb(BF4)2380.80923
Lithium BorateLi2B4O7169.1218
Lithium MetaborateLiBO249.7508
Lithium Tetraborate PentahydrateLi2B4O7.5H2O259.1982
Lithium TetrafluoroborateLiBF493.74561
Natrium BorateNa2B4O7.10H2O381.37214
Natrium PerborateNaBO381.79897
Natrium TetraborateNa2B4O7201.21934
Natrium Tetraborate DecahydrateNa2B4O7.10H2O381.37214
Natrium Tetranitratoborate(III)NaB(NO3)4281.82037
Natrium TetraphenylborateNaB(C6H5)4342.21637
Nickel(II) FluoborateNi(BF4)2232.30263
Plumbum(II) FluoroboratePb(BF4)2380.80923
Potassium BorateK2B4O7.4H2O305.49752
Potassium FluoroborateKBF4125.90291
Silver FluoroborateAgBF4194.67281
Silver TetrafluoroborateAgBF4194.67281
Sodium BorateNa2B4O7.10H2O381.37214
Sodium PerborateNaBO381.79897
Sodium TetraborateNa2B4O7201.21934
Sodium Tetraborate DecahydrateNa2B4O7.10H2O381.37214
Sodium Tetranitratoborate(III)NaB(NO3)4281.82037
Sodium TetraphenylborateNaB(C6H5)4342.21637
Stannum(II) FluoroborateSn(BF4)2292.31923
Strontium MetaborateSrB2O4173.2396
Tin(II) FluoroborateSn(BF4)2292.31923
Zinc BorateZn3(BO3)2313.8454
Entered chemical name or chemical formula is first searched in database and if found, its chemical name, formula, molecular weight is displayed. And incase entered chemical name (or chemical formula) is not found in database, its Molecular weight is calculated using node-token algorithm. For calculation entered molecular formula is considered case sensitive. Chemical formulas should be entered as straightforward syntax. Examples enter CH3COOH as CH3COOH, H2SO4 as H2SO4 or as Sulfuric acid, CaCO3 as CaCO3 or as Calcium Carbonate
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