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Web Conversion Online features a largest collection of conversion calculators, converters for Metric and English units. Here you can find length, area, volume, weight, temperature, date, time, geometric, trigonometric, scientific, health, life style and other converters (or calculators), distance between planets, distance between cities, area of objects, volume of containers, molecular weight, atomic weight, freezing point, melting point, world time, time zone, half life period and many more, in Desktop, Tables, Smart Phones and Mobile formats

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AreaAstrologyBaby NamesBankingBirth Control
ChemistryChinese AstrologyCity InfoElectricityFinance
TelephoneTemperatureTime & DateTrain InfoVolume
WeightWorld ClockZodiac AstrologyOther 

length conversion   Length Conversion
Common Length ConversionBaby Growth Calculator
Universal Length ConversionTrigonometry Calculator
Distance between Cities & TownPrefix conversion
Distance between PlanetLinear Current Density Conversion
Wavelength CalculatorLinear Charge Density Conversion
Distance between major Airports around the world
  Weight Conversion weight conversion
Common weight conversionGravity of different planets
Universal weight conversionWeight on different planets
Density of different materialDensity calculator
Molecular weight calculatorVolume to weight of food items
Atomic weight calculatorWeight management  (for Adult)
Atomic number calculatorIdeal weight calculator  (for Adult)
temperature conversion   Temperature Conversion
Temperature ConversionFreezing point of different substance
Energy Mass ConversionMelting point of different substance
Energy Density ConversionBoiling point of different substance
Thermal Expansion ConversionThermal resistance conversion
Heat Capacity ConversionThermal conductivity conversion
Heat Density ConversionHeat transfer coefficient conversion
  Date and Time Conversion date and time conversion
Time ConversionCalendar CreatorHoliday List
World TimeZone TimeLocal Time
Half Life PeriodSunrise / SunsetMoonrise / Moonset
Leap Year CalculatorDay & Week NumberDay of Week Calculator
Days BetweenTime Diff CalculatorDays Since Calculator
Days Left to DateTime Left to DateDate to Time Calculator
volume conversion   Volume Conversion
Volume ConversionVolume Flow Rate Conversion
Specific Volume ConversionFind Density of Material
Volume to weight of common cooking ingredient
Find volume of objects -  Such as  Barrel, Cone, Cube, Cylinder,
      Sphere, Capsule, Half Capsule, Ellipsoid, Elliptical Tank, Grain bin,
      Gravity Wagon, Polygon, Pyramid, Rectangular Box, , Hemisphere
  Area & Geometry Conversion geometry conversion
Area ConversionSurface Current Density Conversion
Find Area of objectsSurface Charge Density Conversion
Find Surface Area of objectsSurface Tension Conversion
Angle ConversionRadiation Exposure Conversion
Trigonometry CalculatorMagnetic Flux Density Conversion
Logarithm CalculatorImage Resolution Conversion
speed conversion   Speed Conversion
Speed ConversionAcceleration Conversion
Torque ConversionDynamic Viscosity Conversion
Kinematic Viscosity ConversionViscosity of Oil, Water and Glycerin
Angular Velocity ConversionAngular Acceleration Conversion
Moment of Inertia ConversionMass Flow Conversion
Speed of AnimalsSpeed of a device
  Scientific Conversion scientific conversion
Computer Unit ConversionCapacitance Conversions
Density ConversionElectric Conversion
Energy ConversionForce Conversion
Frequency ConversionNumber Conversion
Power ConversionPressure Conversion
Sound ConversionRadiation Conversion         52 more >>
health calculators   Health Calculators
BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index)Body Fat Calculator
BMR Calculator (Basal Metabolic Rate)Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator
Ideal Weight Calculator (for Adult)Weight Management (for Adult)
Baby Ideal height-weight calculatorCalories Burned Calculator
Due Date CalculatorFertility Calculator
When is Ovulation (Ovulation calculator)Safe Period Calculator
  Miscellaneous Conversion and Calculator miscellaneous conversion and calculator
Clothing ConversionShoe Size Conversion
Blood Sugar ConversionFuel Conversion
Illumination ConversionLuminance (light) Conversion
EMI CalculatorFixed Deposit Calculator
Retirement CalculatorSaving Calculator
Area Code by CountryName Conversion Tools       48 more >>
  Reference & Dictionary
DictionaryFind meaning of different unitsReference Matrix
Conversion TypesConversion MatrixUnit Name List
Baby Name ListName Numerology ListName Birthstone List
Surname ListLuck for Names
Find Country codeFind Country from calling codeArea codes by country
Country ISO codeCurrency of different countriesCapital of different countries
  List of Supported Conversion Types ...
AccelerationAngleAngular AccelerationAngular Velocity
AreaBlood SugarClothing SizeComputer Storage Unit
Cooking VolumeCooking WeightData Transfer RateDate
DensityDynamic ViscosityElectric CapacitanceElectric Charge
Electric ConductanceElectric ConductivityElectric CurrentElectric Field Strength
Electric PotentialElectric ResistanceElectric ResistivityEnergy
Energy DensityEnergy MassEuro CurrencyFluid Concentration
Fluid Flow RateFluid Mass Flow RateForceFrequency
Fuel EconomyHeat CapacityHeat DensityHeat Flux Density
Heat Transfer CoefficientIlluminationImage ResolutionInductance
Kinematic ViscosityLengthLuminance (Light)Light Intensity
Linear Charge DensityLinear Current DensityMagnetic Field StrengthMagnetic Flux
Magnetic Flux DensityMagnetomotive ForceMass Flux DensityMolar Concentration
Molar Flow RateMoment of InertiaNumberPermeability
Radiation AbsorbedRadiation ExposureRadioactivityShoe Size
SoundSpecific VolumeSpeedSurface Charge Density
Surface Current DensitySurface TensionTemperatureThermal Conductivity
Thermal ExpansionThermal ResistanceTimeTorque
VolumeVolume Charge DensityWater Oil ViscosityWeight




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