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 Molecular weight of zirconate

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Molecular weight

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 Compound Name  Molecular Formula  Molecular Weight
 Barium Zirconate  BaZrO3  276.5492
 Cadmium Metazirconate  CdZrO3  251.6332
 Ferrum(II) Metazirconate  FeZrO3  195.0672
 Iron(II) Metazirconate  FeZrO3  195.0672
 Kalium Hexafluorozirconate  K2ZrF6  283.41102
 Potassium Hexafluorozirconate  K2ZrF6  283.41102
 Lithium Metazirconate  Li2ZrO3  153.1042
 Lithium Zirconate  Li2ZrO3  153.1042
 Manganese(II) Metazirconate  MnZrO3  194.16025
 Natrium Metazirconate  Na2ZrO3  185.20174
 Sodium Metazirconate  Na2ZrO3  185.20174
 Nickel(II) Zirconate  NiZrO3  197.9156
 Lead(II) Zirconate  PbZrO3  346.4222
 Plumbum(II) Zirconate  PbZrO3  346.4222
 Strontium Zirconate  SrZrO3  226.8422
 Zinc Metazirconate  ZnZrO3  204.6022

Entered chemical name or chemical formula is first searched in database and if found its chemical name, formula, molecular weight is displayed. Incase entered chemical name (or chemical formula) is not found in database, its Molecular weight is calculated using node-token algorithm. For calculation entered molecular formula is considered case sensitive. Chemical formulas should be entered a straightforward syntax. Examples enter CH3COOH as CH3COOH, H2SO4 as H2SO4 or as Sulfuric acid, CaCO3 as CaCO3 or as Calcium Carbonate

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