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Clusec is a unit to measure Power

    1  Clusec = 1.33322 x 10-6 Watt
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Different units to measure Power are:
BTU per hourBTU per hour (Thermal)
BTU per minuteBTU per minute (Thermal)
BTU per secondBTU per second (Thermal)
Calorie per hourCalorie per hour (Thermal)
Calorie per minuteCalorie per minute (Thermal)
Calorie per secondCalorie per second (Thermal)
Centijoule per secondCentiwatt
Cheval VapeurClusec
Decijoule per secondDeciwatt
Dekajoule per secondDekawatt
Dyne Centimeter per hourDyne Centimeter per minute
Dyne Centimeter per secondErg per hour
Erg per minuteErg per second
Foot Pound force per hourFoot Pound force per minute
Foot Pound force per secondFoot Poundal per hour
Foot Poundal per minuteFoot Poundal per second
Gigajoule per secondGigawatt
Gram force Centimeter per hourGram force Centimeter per minute
Gram force Centimeter per secondHectojoule per second
Horsepower (Boiler)Horsepower (Electric)
Horsepower (Metric)Horsepower (Water)
Joule per hourJoule per minute
Joule per secondKilocalorie per hour
Kilocalorie per hour (Thermal)Kilocalorie per minute
Kilocalorie per minute (Thermal)Kilocalorie per second
Kilocalorie per second (Thermal)Kilogram force Meter per hour
Kilogram force Meter per minuteKilogram force Meter per second
Kilojoule per hourKilojoule per minute
Kilojoule per secondKilopond Meter per hour
Kilopond Meter per minuteKilopond Meter per second
Kilovolt AmpereKilowatt
MBHMBTU per hour
Megajoule per secondMegawatt
Microjoule per secondMicrowatt
Millijoule per secondMillion BTU per hour
MilliwattNanojoule per second
NanowattNewton Meter per second
Pferdestarke (Ps)Poncelet
Pound Foot per hourPound Foot per minute
Pound Foot per secondTerajoule per second
TerawattTon (Refrigeration)
Volt AmpereWatt
Similar sounding units:
Celsius (°C)

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