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Health Calculators

BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index)
Calculate Body Mass Index or BMI

Body Fat Calculator
Calculate percentage of fat in your body or Body Fat Index of your body

BMR Calculator (Basal Metabolic Rate)
Find your exact daily calorie requirement

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator
Calculate Waist to Hip ratio and determine how healthy your body is shaped

Calories Calculator
Find calories burned in different physical or sports activities and plan your exercise and/or other physical activities based on your daily calories intake and manage your healthy weight

Ideal Weight Calculator (for Adult)
Calculate your Ideal weight based upon your height

Weight Management (for Adult)
Calculate your daily calorie requirement and how much calories should you be consuming to lose or gain weight

Blood Sugar Conversion
Convert blood sugar level between mg/dl and mmol/l (milligram per deciliter and millimole per liter)

Cooking Conversion
Conversion of common cooking units such as table spoon, tea spoon, cups, pint, quartz and many more

Find Calories in Foods
Find calories in common food items, such as what is calories in sugar or what is calories in a cup of sugar and many more. Find calories per cup, teaspoon, table spoon, ounce, gram, kilogram, liter, milliliter and in many more units

Volume to weight of common cooking ingredient
Find volume to weight of common cooking ingredient
Example: What is weight of 1 cup of Sugar, What is weight of 3 teaspoon of Chocolate syrup or what is weight of 1 cup of Chocolate syrup and many more.

Cloth size Conversion
Conversion of clothing size between US, Canada, Japan, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, Russia, Letter (S, M, L, XL) and many more

Shoe size Conversion
Conversion of shoe size between U.S., U.K., Mexican, Indian, Australian, Japanese, Korean, and European shoe units


Safe Period Calculator (Birth control)
Calculate infertile period or safe period during your menstrual cycle. Knowledge of safe period or infertile period may help you in naturally controlling unwanted pregnancy

Pregnancy Calculator
Calculate most fertile period for getting pregnant during your menstrual cycle

Ovulation Calculator
Calculate accurate date when ovulation will occur during your menstrual cycle

Fetal Growth Calculator
Calculate current age of fetus, Fetus growth week by week, How your unborn looks like

Due Date Calculator (Pregnancy)
Calculate expected date for the birth of your child

Baby Ideal weight and height calculator (Baby growth calculator)
Calculate and manage ideal weight of your Infant, toddler, children from the day of birth till 18 years of age

Baby Name Search tools

Meaning of Name / Surname
Find Meaning, Gender, Religion, Origin, Rashi, Nakashatra and other astrological information of Name and/or Surname (family name)

Baby Name list
A largest collection of over 125,000 popular baby names of different origins, sorted by alphabet, gender, origin, popularity, rashi and more

Lucky number, Lucky days, Lucky stones, Lucky colors for different names
Find Lucky number, stones, days, color, metal for over 125,000 names of different origins

Name Numerology, characteristic, behavior and qualities of different names
Find Name numerology, predictions, behavior and qualities for over 125,000 names of different origins

Find Birthstone, Lucky stone for different names
Find Birthstone, Lucky stones for over 125,000 names of different origins, sorted by alphabet, gender and origin

Surname list
A largest collection of over 25,000 surnames or family names of different origins, sorted by alphabet, origin, language and religion

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