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Kinematic Viscosity

Enter kinematic viscosity value, select units and click 'Convert'





How to use this calculator...
•  Use current calculator (page) to convert Kinematic Viscosity from Lentor to Stokes. Simply enter Kinematic Viscosity quantity and click ‘Convert’. Both Lentor and Stokes are Kinematic Viscosity measurement units.
•  For conversion to different Kinematic Viscosity units, select required units from the dropdown list (combo), enter quantity and click convert
•  For very large or very small quantity, enter number in scientific notation, Accepted format are 3.142E12 or 3.142E-12 or 3.142x10**12 or 3.142x10^12 or 3.142*10**12 or 3.142*10^12 and like wise

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