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Isotopes of Zinc (Zn)
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Zinc (Zn) has 30 istopes, they are
54Zn, 55Zn, 56Zn, 57Zn, 58Zn, 59Zn, 60Zn, 61Zn, 62Zn, 63Zn, 64Zn, 65Zn, 66Zn, 67Zn, 68Zn, 69Zn, 70Zn, 71Zn, 72Zn, 73Zn, 74Zn, 75Zn, 76Zn, 77Zn, 78Zn, 79Zn, 80Zn, 81Zn, 82Zn, 83Zn

Of which 5 istopes are stable
64Zn, 66Zn, 67Zn, 68Zn, 70Zn

Common Unstable Isotopes of Zinc (Zn) are

65Zn  -  Electron capture (e), Gamma decay  -  243.9 days

69Zn  -    -  57 minutes

69mZn  -    -  13.76 hours

72Zn  -  Beta decay (ß-)  -  46.5 hours

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