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 Leo (Sinh)   [July 23 - August 22]

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zodiac astrology

Symbol:  The Lion
Element:  Fire
Hindu Rashi:  Simha / Sinh
First letter of name:  Ma, Ta (म, ट)
Hindu Season (Ritu):  Varsha (rainy / mansoon)
Passion:  To be a star
Ruling Planet:  The Sun
Stone:  Peridot
Life Pursuit:  To lead the way
Vibration:  Radiant Energy
Compatibility:  Gemini (Mithun), Aries (Mesh), Cancer (Karka), Libra (Tula), Capricorn (Makar)
Non matching:  Scorpio (Vrushchik), Virgo (Kanya), Leo (Sinh), Aquarius (Kumbha)
Few personalities who share this star sign:

Jennifer Lopez, Sanjay Dutt, Bill Clinton, Narayana Murthy, Kajol, Rakhee, Arnold Shwarzenegger, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Kishore Kumar,  Madonna, Sridevi, Jackie Kennedy, Mick Jagger

Sign description:

Leo are very proud and self-confident, generous, affectionate, charismatic, a natural leader and often theatrical in their behavior, looking for the royal in everything, they do what they say. They assume authority and are the focus point at any party, noble and very difficult to be sly and sneaky. They have gregarious personality, big ego, easily standing out in a crowd, always the centre of attention at social gatherings. They are honest, frank and courageous, outspoken, courteous and understand the need for diplomacy when the situation demands.

If you do not complement them, they will tell you what you should complement them on. Do not hurt their pride or they will argue with you until you give them something they can walk away with that boosts their egos. Give them the sunshine to make them the happiest

Leo is not suited for any lowbrow job; they will not even start a project unless they think they will come out on top when it is finished. They have skills to be a great leader and an efficient manager. Being a leader and commander, they tend to burden themselves with a lot of responsibility and work related pressures.

They have a strong aesthetic sense and are easily seduced by material wealth and luxury and believe in living life in style.


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