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 Acre Foot (US survey) definition

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Acre Foot (US survey) is a unit to measure Volume
   1 Acre Foot (US survey) = 1,233,489 Liter
Use Volume Conversion to convert Acre Foot (US survey) to different units

Different units to measure Volume are Acre Foot, Acre Foot (US survey), Acre Inch, Barrel, Board Foot, Bushel (UK), Bushel (US), Centiliter, Cord, Cord Foot, Cubic Centimeter, Cubic Cubit, Cubic Decameter, Cubic Decimeter, Cubic Dekameter, Cubic Feet, Cubic Inch, Cubic Kilometer, Cubic Meter, Cubic Micrometer, Cubic Mile, Cubic Millimeter, Cubic Yard, Cup, Cup (Canada), Cup (US), Deciliter, Dekaliter, Dessert Spoon, Dram, Drops, Drum, Drum (US), Fifth, Fluid Ounces (UK), Fluid Ounces (US), Gill (UK), Gill (US), Hectare Meter, Hectoliter, Hogshead (UK), Hogshead (US), Imperial Gallon, Jigger, Kiloliter, Liter, Measure, Megaliter, Microliter, Milliliter, Minim (UK), Minim (US), Ounce (UK), Ounce (US ), Peck (UK), Peck (US), Pinch, Pipe (UK), Pipe (US), Pony, Quart (Ancient Hebrew), Quart (Germany), Quart (UK), Quart (US dry), Quart (US liquid), Quarter, Robie, Shot, Stere, Tablespoon, Tablespoon (UK), Tablespoon (US), Teaspoon, Teaspoon (UK), Teaspoon (US), UK Barrel, UK Barrel (wine), UK Bucket, UK Gallon, UK Pint, US Barrel (dry), US Barrel (federal), US Barrel (liquid), US Barrel (petroleum), US Bucket, US Gallon (dry), US Gallon (liquid), US Pint (dry), US Pint (liquid), Yard

Similar sounding units: Acre Foot, Acre Foot/day, Acre Foot/hour, Acre Foot/minute, Acre Foot/second, Acre Foot/year

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