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Dram is a unit to measure Volume and Weight
   1 Dram = 0.0037 Liter
   1 Dram = 0.0018 Kilogram
Use Volume Conversion, Weight Conversion to convert Dram to different units

Different units to measure Volume and Weight are Acre Foot, Acre Foot (US survey), Acre Inch, Arratel (Arab), Arroba (Portugal), Arroba (Spain), Artel (Arab), Ass (Northern Europe), Atomic Mass Unit (AMU), Avogram, Bag (portland cement), Baht (Thailand), Bale (UK), Bale (US), Barrel, Bismar Pound (Denmark), Board Foot, Bushel (UK), Bushel (US), Candy (India), Carat, Carat (till 1913, US), Carga (Mexico), Catti (China), Catti (Japan), Catty (China), Catty (Japan), Catty (Thailand), Cental, Centigram, Centiliter, Centner (Germany), Centner (Russia), Chalder, Chaldron, Chin (China), Chin (Japan), Clove, Cord, Cord Foot, Crith, Cubic Centimeter, Cubic Cubit, Cubic Decameter, Cubic Decimeter, Cubic Dekameter, Cubic Feet, Cubic Inch, Cubic Kilometer, Cubic Meter, Cubic Micrometer, Cubic Mile, Cubic Millimeter, Cubic Yard, Cup, Cup (Canada), Cup (US), Dan (China), Dan (Japan), Decigram, Deciliter, Decitonne, Dekagram, Dekaliter, Dekatonne, Denaro (Italy), Denier (France), Dessert Spoon, Drachme, Dram, Dram, Drops, Drum, Drum (US), Dyne, English Mark, Etto (Italy), Fifth, Firkin (butter), Firkin (soap), Flask, Fluid Ounces (UK), Fluid Ounces (US), Fother (Lead), Fotmal (Lead), Funt (Russia), Funte (Russia), German Mark, Giga Gram, Giga Tonne, Gill (UK), Gill (US), Gin (China), Gin (Japan), Grain, Gram, Gran (Germany), Grani (Italy), Grano (Italy), Gros, Hectare Meter, Hectogram, Hectoliter, Hogshead (UK), Hogshead (US), Hundredweight (Long, UK), Hundredweight (Short, US), HYL, Imperial Gallon, Jigger, Jin (China), Jupiter, Kati (China), Kati (Japan), Keel (coal), Keg (nails), Kilodalton, Kilogram, Kiloliter, Kilotonne, Kin (Japan), Kip, Koyan (Malaysia), Kwan (Japan), Last (Germany), Lb, Lb, Lbs, Liang (China), Libra (Ancient Rome), Libra (Italy), Libra (Metric), Libra (Portugal), Libra (Spain), Liter, Livre (France), Long Kiloton, Lot (Germany), Mace (China), Mahnd (Arab), Marc (France), Marco (Spanish), Maund (India), Maund (Pakistan), Measure, Megagram, Megaliter, Megatonne, Mercantile Pound, Mic, Microgram, Microliter, Millier, Milligram, Milliliter, Mina (Hebrew), Minim (UK), Minim (US), Momme (Japan), Myriagram, Nanogram, Newton, Obol (Greece), Obolos (Ancient Greece), Obolos (Greece), Obolus (Ancient Rome), Obolus (Greece), Okka (Turkey), Onca (Portuguese), Once (France), Oncia (Italy), Ons (Dutch), Onza (Spanish), Ounce, Ounce (Troy), Ounce (UK), Ounce (US ), Packen (Russia), Peck (UK), Peck (US), Pennyweight (Troy), Pfund (Denmark), Pfund (Germany), Pinch, Pipe (UK), Pipe (US), Point, Pond (Dutch), Pony, Pood (Russia), Pound, Pound (Metric), Pound (Troy), Pound (Troy), Pud (Russia), Pund (Scandinavia), Qian (China), Qintar (Arab), Quart (Ancient Hebrew), Quart (Germany), Quart (UK), Quart (US dry), Quart (US liquid), Quarter, Quarter (UK), Quarter (US), Quarter Ton (US), Quartern, Quartern-Loaf, Quintal (French), Quintal (Metric), Quintal (Portugal), Quintal (Spanish), Ratel (Arab), Rebah, Robie, Robie, Rotel (Arab), Rottle (Arab), Scruple (Troy), Seer (India), Seer (Pakistan), Shekel (Hebrew), Short Kiloton, Shot, Slinch, Slug, Stere, Stone, Tablespoon, Tablespoon (UK), Tablespoon (US), Tahil (China), Tahil (Japan), Talent (Hebrew), Tan (China), Teaspoon, Teaspoon (UK), Teaspoon (US), Teragram, Tetradrachm (Hebrew), Tical (Asia), TME (Technische Mass Einheit), Tod, Tola (India), Tola (Pakistan), Ton (Long, UK), Ton (Metric), Ton (Short, UK), Tonelada (Portugal), Tonelada (Spain), Tonne, Tonneau (France), Tovar (Bulgaria), Truss, UK Barrel, UK Barrel (wine), UK Bucket, UK Carat, UK Gallon, UK Pint, UK Sack (wool), Uncia (Rome), Unze (Germany), US Barrel (dry), US Barrel (federal), US Barrel (liquid), US Barrel (petroleum), US Bucket, US Gallon (dry), US Gallon (liquid), US Last, US Last (wool), US Pint (dry), US Pint (liquid), Vagon (Yugoslavia), Yard, Zentner (Germany)

Similar sounding units: Drum, Drum (US)

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