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 Year of Monkey   (Chinese Astrology)

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chinese astrology

Year of Monkey (Chinese Astrology)
Animal:  The Monkey (申 shen)
Sign location:  9th sign in Chinese zodiac
Ruling hours:  3pm ~ 5pm
Passion:  To be a star
Life Pursuit:  To lead the way
Direction:  West-Southwest
Season:  Summer (August)
Stone:  Peridot
Lunar Month Dates:  August 8 ~ September 7
Lucky Color:  Golden
Vibration:  Radiant Energy
Compatibility:  Best match with Rat (子), Dragon (辰) and low compatibility with Ox (丑), Rabbit (卯), Horse (午), Goat (未), Monkey (申), Snake (巳), Rooster (酉), Dog (戌), Pig (亥)
Non matching signs:  No match with Tiger (寅)

Monkeys are curious, mischievous, clever, playful, artistic, competitive, intelligent, quick-witted, inquisitive, flexible, innovative, problem solver. They are masters of practical jokes and making friends. Relation wise they are loyal, self-assured, sociable, polite, dignified but cunning. On negative side monkeys are arrogant, selfish, reckless, cunning, snobbish, deceptive, manipulative, jealous, suspicious, and stubborn

Monkeys are inherently intellectual and creative, they are good inventor and motivator and challenge loving


Monkeys are constantly active and enjoy a good health and rarely feel sick. They love being outdoor


Monkeys are highly adaptive and can adapt quickly to any situation, work load or changing work environment. They are intelligent and energetic in their work and often love to work in team


Monkeys are not good in relationships, thought they are adaptive they find difficult to quickly settle down in any relationship. Monkeys often get bored in relationship. However on positive side they make a long term committed relationship when they find a perfect partner

Influence of Element (Wu Xing):

Metal Monkeys are determinate, ambitious, warm-hearted and very likeable. They are loyal to both their employers and their partners.
Water Monkeys are very sensitive and can get hurt easily. They are very friendly
Wood Monkeys are excellent in communication; they are understanding and hard worker
Fire Monkeys are full of strength; they are goal oriented and very friendly
Earth Monkeys have desire to live life "the right way" and to earn respect. They are dependable and they take their work and relationships seriously

Quality of:
Rat (子 zi)Ox (丑 chou)Tiger (寅 yin)Rabbit (卯 mao)
Dragon (辰 chen)Snake (巳 si)Horse (午 wu)Goat (未 wei)
Monkey (申 shen)Rooster (酉 you)Dog (戌 xu)Pig (亥 hai)

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