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 Year of Pig   (Chinese Astrology)

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chinese astrology

Year of Pig (Chinese Astrology)
Animal:  The Pig (亥 hai)
Boar in Japan and Elephant in Northern Thailand
Sign location:  12th sign in Chinese zodiac
Ruling hours:  9pm ~ 11pm
Passion:  To triumph
Life Pursuit:  To survive against all opposition
Direction:  North-Northwest
Season:  Winter (November)
Stone:  Ruby
Lunar Month Dates:  November 5 ~ December 5
Lucky Color:  Light Green
Vibration:  Resilient
Compatibility:  Best match with Goat (未), Rabbit (卯) and low compatibility with Rat (子), Ox (丑), Tiger (寅), Dragon (辰), Horse (午), Rooster (酉), Dog (戌), Pig (亥)
Non matching signs:  No match with Snake (巳), Monkey (申)

Pigs are caring, tolerant, optimistic, obliging, honest, hardworking, diligence, compassion, and generous. Pigs gives more importance to life, they build long and faithful relationship and lasting friendship. Pigs are generous, sensitive, willing, helpful, honest, loyal, and hospitable in their relationship. Pigs are giving souls and reap much happiness helping others. Pigs are very peace loving

When it comes to money, Pigs enjoy spending more than saving. Thriftiness happens only occasionally, however Pigs do know how to find great deals. On negative side they are materialistic, hesitant, vulnerable, spendthrift, indulgent and naïve


Pigs are often found overeating, excessive drinking and smoking and this can cause sickness. Pigs often suffer from a bad health. Pigs are often overweight and not very attractive


Pigs are creativity and detail oriented. They enjoy helping their coworker at work. They enjoy opportunities and are not afraid of adding more responsibility on their shoulder or getting bigger role. They are good entertainer and are often involved in social work or hospitality services


Pigs are supportive and generous which makes Pigs a great life partner. They are affectionate, sexual and prefer staying home with their family then going out. They love their home and family. Pigs are typically committed for a long-term partnership

Influence of Element (Wu Xing):

Metal Pigs are tough, strong, outspoken and trustworthy
Water Pigs are trustworthy, influential, extremely social and enjoys good time being with other
Wood Pigs are helpful, big hearted, kind and strong minded
Fire Pigs are strong, excellent leaders, they love taking risk, they are extremely romantic and goal oriented
Earth Pigs are home and family loving; they carefully plan their work before executing them. They are non leaders but are good team worker

Quality of:
Rat (子 zi)Ox (丑 chou)Tiger (寅 yin)Rabbit (卯 mao)
Dragon (辰 chen)Snake (巳 si)Horse (午 wu)Goat (未 wei)
Monkey (申 shen)Rooster (酉 you)Dog (戌 xu)Pig (亥 hai)

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