Year of Dragon  (Chinese Astrology)

Animal:  The Dragon (辰 chen)
Naga in Thailand, Snail in Kazakhstan
Sign location:  5th sign in Chinese zodiac
Ruling hours:  7am ~ 9am
Passion:  To lead the way for others
Life Pursuit:  The thrill of the moment
Direction:  East-Southeast
Season:  Spring (April)
Stone:  Bloodstone
Lunar Month Dates:  April 5 ~ May 4
Lucky Color:  Red, Violet
Vibration:  Enthusiastic
Compatibility:  Best match with Rat (子), Monkey (申), Rooster (酉) and low compatibility with Tiger (寅), Snake (巳), Dragon (辰), Goat (未), Horse (午), Pig (亥), Ox (丑), Rabbit (卯)
Non matching signs:  No match with Dog (戌)

Dragons are the mightiest of the signs. Dragons are dominating, magnanimous, stately, vigorous, strong, self-assured, proud, noble, and ambitious. They are very intelligent, passionate, decisive, pioneering and highly artistic.

Dragons are extremely helpfully but are rarely seen asking for any help in return. Others are attracted to their colorful personalities, but deep down, Dragons prefer to be alone. Dragons are well known for their generosity and loyalty. On negative side they are tactless, arrogant, imperious are violent. They are highly demanding, intolerant, rebellious, and dogmatic

Dragons prefer their own rules; they are driven, unafraid of challenges, and willing to take risks. They’re passionate in all they do. Unfortunately, this passion and enthusiasm can leave Dragons feeling exhausted and interestingly, unfulfilled.


Dragons overall live a long healthy life, but often suffer from stress, periodic tension and headache


Dragons are born leader, they prefer leading the troop, they feel comfortable in job that allow them to express their creativity and leadership


Dragons loves being independent, thought they will give into love; they won’t give up their independence. Dragons are highly committed and faithful to their relationship and they usually commit their partner for life.

Influence of Element (Wu Xing):

Metal Dragons are very strong, they love challenge, they are true leader, admirer and charismatic
Water Dragons are calm, decisive and well researched
Wood Dragons are artistic, creative, innovative and strong and dominate in all that they do
Fire Dragons are highly emotional, quick reactor and reckless, this often makes them to take wrong decision in hurry
Earth Dragons are more rooted, better decision marker, rational, supportive and prefer being admired by others

Quality of:
Rat (子 zi)Ox (丑 chou)Tiger (寅 yin)Rabbit (卯 mao)
Dragon (辰 chen)Snake (巳 si)Horse (午 wu)Goat (未 wei)
Monkey (申 shen)Rooster (酉 you)Dog (戌 xu)Pig (亥 hai)

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