Year of Rooster  (Chinese Astrology)

Animal:  The Rooster (酉 you)
Sign location:  10th sign in Chinese zodiac
Ruling hours:  5pm ~ 7pm
Passion:  To love and be loved in return
Life Pursuit:  To do the right thing
Direction:  West
Season:  Autumn (September)
Stone:  Citrine
Lunar Month Dates:  September 8 ~ October 7
Lucky Color:  Peach, Apricot
Vibration:  Compassionate and caring
Compatibility:  Best match with Ox (丑), Dragon (辰), Snake (巳) and low compatibility with Rat (子), Tiger (寅), Horse (午), Goat (未), Monkey (申), Rooster (酉), Dog (戌), Pig (亥)
Non matching signs:  No match with Rabbit (卯)

Roosters are confident, motivational, acute, neat, meticulous, self-assured, decisive, conservative, critical, perfectionist and extremely organized individuals; they are practical, responsible, loyal and trustworthy partners. Roosters are extremely sociable and prefer being the center of attention

On negative side Roosters are very proud and they always brags about themselves, this quality is often annoying and irritates their friends and relatives. They are some time over zealous, abrasive and opinionated


Roosters are active and enjoy a good healthy life. Roosters are moody and sometime gets over stressed


Roosters are highly motivated and hard-working, they very successful in careers and prefer a stand-alone kind of work. Roosters are good actors, musicians, dancers, architects and designers


Roosters are honest and reliable. Rooster however are little difficult and need a tough-skinned partner to survive relationship. They are extra caring, kind-hearted and overflowing with love.

Influence of Element (Wu Xing):

Metal Roosters have inflated egos who believe in analyzing everything. They are not good in making friends
Water Roosters have good communication skills, they are focused, energetic and extremely detail oriented
Wood Roosters are team oriented, they have many friends and acquaintances.
Fire Roosters believes in perfection, they are terrific organizers and an excellent leaders.
Earth Roosters are extremely organized and detail-oriented; they are highly motivated and multi-tasking

Quality of:
Rat (子 zi)Ox (丑 chou)Tiger (寅 yin)Rabbit (卯 mao)
Dragon (辰 chen)Snake (巳 si)Horse (午 wu)Goat (未 wei)
Monkey (申 shen)Rooster (酉 you)Dog (戌 xu)Pig (亥 hai)

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