Year of Goat  (Chinese Astrology)

Animal:  The Goat (未 wei)
Ram or Sheep
Sign location:  8th sign in Chinese zodiac
Ruling hours:  1pm ~ 3pm
Passion:  To feel safe (emotionally, spiritually, romantically & financially)
Life Pursuit:  Constant reassurance & intimacy
Direction:  South-Southwest
Season:  Summer (July)
Stone:  Emerald
Lunar Month Dates:  July 7 ~ August 7
Lucky Color:  Yellow, Light Green
Vibration:  Moody
Compatibility:  Best match with Rabbit (卯), Horse (午), Pig (亥) and low compatibility with Tiger (寅), Dragon (辰), Snake (巳), Goat (未), Monkey (申), Rat (子), Rooster (酉)
Non matching signs:  No match with Ox (丑)

Goats (or Sheep’s) are creativity, intelligence, dependability and calmness. They are sincere, sympathetic, mild-mannered, artistic, innovative, creative, peaceful and generous. Goats love comfort being in a crowd than to be a center of crowd. They’re quite and reserved. On negative side Goat can be sensitive, indecisive, over-passive, worried, pessimistic, shy, and weak-willed

Goats tend to be a good wife and a good mother


Goat though appears fragile from outside; they enjoy a good health and a peaceful life. Goats are serene and tend to have fewer health problems.


Goats prefer working in team and are rarely bothered about title or status. Goats are not a good leader and they often hesitate to take a leadership role


Goats tend to be private; they do not make lots of friends. They rarely discuss about their personal life with others. Goats are family loving though boring they make a long term love relationship

Influence of Element (Wu Xing):

Metal Goats are very cultured and art loving, thought they appear tough outside they are fragile inside
Water Goats are fun-loving, carefree and friendly. They lack self-confidence
Wood Goats are generous, caring and are more comfortable in group
Fire Goats posses few leadership qualities and believe in getting ahead of crowd, they are more social and friendly
Earth Goats are conservative, independent, stable and posses high level of confidence. They are family loving

Quality of:
Rat (子 zi)Ox (丑 chou)Tiger (寅 yin)Rabbit (卯 mao)
Dragon (辰 chen)Snake (巳 si)Horse (午 wu)Goat (未 wei)
Monkey (申 shen)Rooster (酉 you)Dog (戌 xu)Pig (亥 hai)

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